ABM FOUNDATIONS: Strategies for Highly Effective ABM Programs.

Is your ABM strategy as effective as it can be? Most organizations are only scratching the surface of ABM—resulting in programs that are difficult to manage and scale and under-deliver on the promise of this essential but complex strategy.

Creating highly effective ABM programs is not quick or simple, but it’s worth it given the returns for most B2B organizations. In these six bite-size videos, Iron Horse executives and ABM leaders share their insights on how to move from talking about ABM to developing scalable, repeatable programs that drive higher conversions and faster sales velocity.


Key takeaways.


Your accounts are everywhere. Your ABM efforts need to be, too.

Buying teams are made up of many people, each browsing a multitude of channels. If you’re not there, your competitors are.


You need to see the full picture to derive the next best actions.

To truly engage the buying team, you need to not only know who is consuming your content, but when and how—without gaps.


You need a solid data foundation to optimize and scale.

The power of ABM lies in your ability to use data to create better predictive modeling for more effective campaigns and faster wins.

Most failures that we see stem from mismanaged expectations and a lack of preparedness from organizations.


ABM Strategy: How to lay the foundation for next gen ABM.

Any primer on account-based marketing contains chapters on marketing and sales alignment, understanding the buying team, ABM tactics, martech, and measurement. But most companies are only taking basic steps in these areas—causing the programs to under-deliver and sales teams to question whether their programs are worth it. 

In this introduction to our ABM Foundations series, Iron Horse CEO Uzair Dada shares what a truly effective ABM strategy looks like—from the inside and out.

Watch the video to hear Uzair answer these questions: 

  • Where do organizations go wrong when planning their ABM strategy?
  • What does an integrated, data-driven ABM program look like?

ABM Alignment: How internal communications affect program outcomes.

Common wisdom dictates that the first step in an ABM program is alignment between sales and marketing. But what does alignment really look like? Is it a one-and-done activity, or something else entirely? And how do you make sure your teams stay aligned as you optimize and grow your program?

In this episode, Growth Marketing Manager Ellen Smoley provides insight into the five areas of alignment necessary for best-in-class ABM programs.

Tune in to hear Ellen’s responses to these questions:

  • How should companies approach alignment for ABM?  
  • What are some strategies to ensure ongoing alignment?

Buying Team: Why you shouldn’t be afraid to obsess about your ICPs.

Everyone claims to know their ideal customer profile (ICP), but most people just optimize on titles and company size. Generic targeting is incompatible with ABM—but how much do you truly need to know about the individuals on the buying team and the accounts they comprise? Can you refine your understanding of your ICP in a way that is both scalable and effective? 

In this episode, Iron Horse’s Director of Digital Marketing Joe Cantu shares why obsessing about your ICP is your fast track to sales meetings.

Tune in to hear his answers to these questions:

  • What are key problems with the ways companies think about their ideal customer profile for ABM?
  • What is the impact of having a narrow ICP?

Omnichannel or bust: How cross-channel engagement paves the way for ABM conversion.

Limiting your ABM efforts to email nurture and programmatic media presents a fractured experience for prospects—and leaves them susceptible to competitive messaging. But how can you ensure a unified cross-channel experience for each member of the buying team? And how can you make sure that you’re using content effectively to propel them along the funnel and accelerate conversion?

In this episode, Digital Marketing Director Joe Cantu will explain why omnichannel campaigns are essential for developing effective models that uncover and enable the next best actions. 

Watch the video to hear Joe address these questions:

  • What are companies missing out on by limiting their ABM programs to just email nurture and programmatic media?
  • What are important elements to consider when creating an omnichannel strategy for ABM?

Preparing your tech stack for ABM: Not for the faint of heart—but worth it.

ABM requires a level of data integration and visibility that simply doesn’t exist at most organizations. What changes do you need to make to existing tools and processes to drive ABM effectiveness? Will you need to add new tools into the stack and, if so, which ones? 

How can you make sure all of your investments in technology—for both your broad-based demand gen programs and your ABM programs—are stitched together into one highly oiled machine?

In this episode, Iron Horse’s Chief Research Officer Jay Famico will share insights on where to start in this daunting but critical process—and why operations absolutely needs a seat at the table.

Watch the video to hear Jay’s responses to:

  • What's important to keep in mind when approaching technology for ABM?
  • How can you optimize your existing tech stack for ABM?

Analytics & Measurement: Why you need to change your data mindset to scale ABM.

Looking at campaign results without deriving insights from them is not enough if you plan to grow and scale your investment in ABM. Once your tech stack is optimized for ABM, how can you make sure all team members can get the information they need and understand the information they get so they can identify and activate the next best steps?

In the final video in our ABM Foundations series, Uzair Dada explores the factors that lead to organizational data silos and how to change your company’s data mindset to drive effectiveness and increase returns.

Tune in to hear Uzair’s insights about:

  • Common issues in ABM analytics and measurement
  • The essential pieces of a highly effective ABM data strategy



Uzair built Iron Horse from a startup to an award-winning growth marketing agency helping global brands build scalable integrated marketing programs. Uzair is regularly featured in, CNET, Demand Gen Report, DM News, eMarketer, MediaPost, Native Mobile and Retail Integration, and has spoken at TechWeek, Marketo Summit and other key industry events.


Ellen specializes in demand generation, integrated marketing campaigns, and virtual events. Her unique mix of creativity, careful attention to detail, and laser sharp focus on alignment make her a great addition to any client project.


Joe leads integrated digital and ABM campaigns for clients with a data-driven and performance-focused mindset. He employs a constantly evolving strategic approach that leads his clients to long-term success. Joe believes there is always room for growth and encourages all marketers to look for better solutions to their problems.


Jay is a recognized thought leader in B2B marketing who focuses on helping companies gain maximum value from their investments in marketing technology. He’s given hundreds of presentations and written dozens of articles about demand generation, lead management, demand modeling, and technology strategy.