B2B Visionaries Series | The Forgotten Side of Demand Gen: Content that Delivers Value

Before marketers start implementing a grand B2B demand gen strategy or start creating a thousand pieces of content, they have to stop and take a look at their content and alignment. By looking at buyer engagement data, companies can understand where buyers are in the process and make sure the content they’re driving audiences to is going to do its job. Content needs to deliver value, be humanized, and contribute to unified conversations, to name a few must-haves. | Originally aired at PathFactory's B2B Visionaries series

Key takeaways.


Companies “have to be present in the right watering holes”, as the number of channels a prospect uses in their research process has gone from 5 to 10.



Lessons from B2C: Do “personalization” right by reacting to prospects' engagement profile, not just automating based on their demographics.


To B2B companies producing lots of content: Make sure you’re measuring how people are engaging with your content and if it’s actually delivering value.

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If there’s one thing that marketers should take away from this is sometimes you gotta slow down to go fast.

Uzair Dada • Founder & CEO, Iron Horse


Uzair Dada • Founder & CEO, Iron Horse

Uzair is Founder and CEO of Iron Horse. Over the last 25 years, Uzair has built Iron Horse from a startup to an award-winning growth marketing agency helping global brands build scalable integrated marketing programs. His areas of expertise include building and executing B2B and Developer Marketing programs focused on emerging technology areas like AI, Big Data, IoT, game development and developer tools.

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Nick Edouard • Co-Founder & CPO at PathFactory

Nick is senior marketing, business development and strategy executive with a track record of delivering growth and success in both start-up and B2B enterprise environments.