Better ABM: Five Lessons Developer Marketing Can Teach All ABMers.

Engaging practitioner audiences in the buying group can significantly accelerate opportunities with target accounts. But how can you create personalized campaigns for distinct audiences at scale?

Developer marketing offers a set of practices that can help.



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  • Why prioritizing “decision maker” audiences is a mistake
  • How to create specific practitioner personas that lead to more relevant messaging and campaigns
  • The role of intent data monitoring in ABM
  • Strategies for engaging different members of the buying team over time (on and off-domain)
  • How to share your knowledge with the sales team to create unified account conversations


Why do account based marketers need this eBook?

Identifying, understanding, reaching, and engaging practitioner audiences is a key challenge for most account based marketers.

B2B purchases today involve multiple buying team members, each with their own concerns and content consumption habits. Among these, practitioners are the most involved in researching, evaluating and recommending solutions.

But most account based marketers do not get specific enough with their practitioner personas—if they target practitioners at all. The result is over-broad campaigns that do not move the needle for ABM programs.

This eBook, combining knowledge and examples from Iron Horse and TechTarget, unpacks five practices from developer marketing that can help. 

What can account based marketers learn from developer marketing?
Developer marketing is a discipline that focuses on influencing end user (developer) audiences to drive solution adoption. Developer marketers have refined a set of practices for understanding, finding and engaging developers. These practices provide an excellent model for account based marketers to target and engage the practitioners who will ultimately use your solution.

Why should account based marketers care about practitioner audiences?
According to Gartner, the typical buying group for a complex B2B solution involves 6 to 10 individuals—all of whom are encountering messaging and content related to solutions throughout the day across the channels they use. While the check signer finalizes the decision, they are typically less involved in the research and evaluation process—and heavily influenced by the practitioners on the buying team.

Download Better ABM: Five Lessons Developer Marketing Can Teach All ABMers today to start accelerating opportunities with target accounts.

Download the eBook.