What Developer Marketing Can Teach Us About Successful ABM

The buying team is a well-known priority in account based marketing (ABM), yet many marketing and sales teams continue to focus their efforts on the “decision-maker" - often ignoring practitioner groups who are key participants in the purchase.

While some might consider developer marketing an outlying specialty area, it can provide an important window into how ABMers can better address surprisingly common buying group issues. | Originally aired at TechTarget's Leveraging Intent Summit


Key takeaways.


The buying team ≠ 1 decision-maker.
Today, an average of 11 individuals of all roles are involved in a B2B purchase, including practitioners.



Lessons from developer marketing:
Go where the practitioner is. No dead ends. Simplify engagement paths. Be authentic and helpful.


Differentiate content for different audiences.
Practitioners and decision-makers need different kinds of content to support what they need.


First, if everyone’s not recognizing already, they should, that we are digital first. Second, [the B2B buying journey] is extremely nonlinear and off-domain nonlinear… So they’re researching you, learning about you, and coming to you prepared to transact.

Uzair Dada, Founder & CEO • Iron Horse


Uzair Dada • Founder & CEO

Uzair is Founder and CEO of Iron Horse. Over the last 25 years, Uzair has built Iron Horse from a startup to an award-winning growth marketing agency helping global brands build scalable integrated marketing programs. His areas of expertise include building and executing B2B and Developer Marketing programs focused on emerging technology areas like AI, Big Data, IoT, game development and developer tools.

Garrett Mann • Sr Director of Corporate Communications, TechTarget

Garrett is Sr Director of Corporate Communications at TechTarget. He helps press, analysts and the B2B marketing and sales industry at large understand the varied use cases and powerful impact that real purchase intent data can provide to organizations. He supports and communicates how TechTarget's expansive network of technology-specific sites and behavioral data allow B2B technology companies to turn insight into action.