Ask the Experts: Answers to your Burning Marketing Questions

In this coffee break session, marketing experts from Movable Ink, Influ2, and Trip Actions answer burning marketing questions from the audience.

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How often do you get the chance to expand beyond your tried and true marketing strategies and techniques to hear other ideas? Between our work contacts, friend groups, social media, and family, it’s too easy to get stuck in an echo chamber and miss out on valuable insight and perspectives from outside.

We’re breaking out of our marketing bubble with this AMA (Ask Me Anything) where we’ll be chatting with a panel of three experienced marketers. Drawing from diverse backgrounds in content marketing, B2B marketing, integrated marketing, growth marketing, and demand generation, they will be answering your marketing questions and discussing the strategies they’ve found success with.

Join us for this month’s coffee break discussion between our talented panelists:

  • Nirosha Methananda, VP of Marketing at Influ2

  • Sruthi Kumar, Director of Demand Generation at TripActions

  • Jess Bahr, Sr Director of Demand Generation at Movable Ink

And our host, Stephanie Siemens, Sr Digital Marketing Associate at Iron Horse. 

Here are some sample questions to get us started:

  • What types of content are working in 2022?

  • If you could have just one report in your marketing and sales dashboard, what would it be?

  • To gate or not to gate?

  • How are you using intent data to amplify your ABM programs?

  • What's the most successful gifting campaign you've ever created?

Watch now.


Jess Bahr • Sr Director of Demand Gen, Movable Ink

Award-winning marketer living in the Venn diagram overlap of data, tech, and marketing.

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Nirosha Methananda • VP of Marketing, Influ2

With a career spanning close to 15-years, across many marketing disciplines and industries, Nirosha recently joined Influ2 as its VP of Marketing and is taking on the challenge to build out what the evolution of ABM looks like.

In her most recent role, Nirosha was responsible for creating Bombora's distinctive brand and establishing it as the leading global provider of B2B Intent data. Prior to this, Nirosha led marketing for PwC Australia's Tech Consulting practice, dabbled in PR and journalism at Power Retail and gained an interest in digital and data at Experian Hitwise.

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Sruthi Kumar • Director of Demand Gen, TripActions

Sruthi Kumar is the Director of Demand Generation at TripActions, the only all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense management solution.Her team heads up lead generation using first and third party programs like webinars, online collateral, direct mail, and more. Previously, she was at Sendoso, the leading Sending Platform as the first marketing hire, where she built the company's marketing program from the ground up. She now serves on the Sendoso Advisory Board. Sruthi has previously held marketing roles at Numerify, [24]7.ai, and Certain.

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Stephanie Siemens • Sr Digital Marketing Associate, Iron Horse

Stephanie is a Senior Digital Marketing Associate at Iron Horse specializing in virtual events and skilled in event management, communication, and various systems. Before coming to Iron Horse, Stephanie worked in healthcare as an Events Specialist, tasked with coordinating and executing live and virtual events, as well as working cross-functionally between teams on various digital marketing campaigns.