Roundtable Series

From Insights to Action: Be Proactive in the Face of the Evolving Buyer's Journey

The buyer's journey is changing. What are industry leaders doing to face it? We’re digging into content marketing, intent data and reporting—three key challenges to growth that companies identified in our State of Enterprise B2B Technology Marketing Benchmark Survey.


2022 Benchmark Results Roundtable Series


Content Marketing Check-Up: Creating Content for the Full Customer Journey

How we’re meeting prospects where they’re at with high quality, audience-specific content. We’ll discuss strategies for meeting content demand and enabling prospects to find the content they need.

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How to Effectively Use Intent Data Across the Customer Lifecycle

Now that intent data is the standard, we’re digging into how to best make use of this information, including integrating data from multiple sources and contextualizing third party data with your own first party data.

November 9th, 11 am PT 


The Great MQL vs. MQA Debate: Why Are We Still Talking About This? 

How do you measure growth marketing ROI and turn insights into effective action? Join us as we explore the right metrics for success and how to get marketing objectives communicated across the organization.

December 1, 11 am PT 

Join us for one or all three discussions with B2B marketing experts.

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The Great MQL vs. MQA Debate: Why are We Still Talking About This?

In our recent survey, 61% of B2B tech marketing leaders agreed or strongly agreed that difficulty measuring ROI of ABM is a challenge. Perhaps it has something to do with continuing to prioritize MQLs, which, in our experience, prevents actionable insights into ABM effectiveness. For new marketing approaches to be successful and scalable, marketing leaders must ensure their current reporting strategy supports objectives and is communicated clearly across marketing and sales orgs.

Join us on 12/1 at 11 am PT  to discuss proven use cases and strategies for getting marketing metrics right, including:

  • The right metrics for success
  • How to get what marketers care about communicated to the rest of the organization
  • The right focus and frequency of reporting to accurately assess the effectiveness of marketing programs and tactics
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How to Effectively Use Intent Data Across the Customer Lifecycle

Intelligent and frequent analysis of intent data can shed light on which accounts are in-market, who’s on the buying team, what they care about, and more. In our recent survey, 99% of respondents reported using at least one intent provider to help identify accounts in-market for their solutions, while 61% reported using two or more. The question is no longer “are B2B marketers using intent data?” but, “how well are B2B marketers using it?”

Join us on 11/9 at 11 am PT to explore concrete strategies for overcoming this persistent growth challenge, including:

  • Intent data use cases for both marketing and sales across the buyer’s journey
  • Considerations to make when integrating data from multiple sources
  • Why and how to contextualize third-party intent data with your own first party data
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Content Marketing Check-Up: Creating Content for the Full Customer Journey

To successfully meet prospects where they’re at, simply having content is not enough. In our recent survey, respondents cited a lack of targeted content as a barrier to both effective personalization and to seeing returns on ABM. And, 39% of CMOs strongly agreed that enabling prospects to find the content they need is a top content marketing initiative for 2022, originally aired on 10/5 at 11 am PT

Join us to discuss data-driven content marketing insights and strategies, including: 

  • The importance of audience-specific content, especially for ABM
  • Strategies for curating and optimizing content journeys
  • Which content pieces are proving most effective for which audiences
  • Strategies to keep up with the increasing demand for quality content