The Art of Breaking Up: Understanding and Responding to Prospect Signals

Get advice and insights from marketing leaders about break-up emails and being more human with potential buyers.


Breaking up isn’t easy, but sometimes it is necessary. And no, you’re not on the wrong page; we’re talking about sales breakups, not romantic ones.

We need to talk about the buyers in your database. Did you know 97% of supposed buyers are not actually in a buying cycle? Keeping them in your email sequence is bound to get you blocked, which is why it might be time to break up.

We’re digging into this on our next coffee break discussion on May 17th at 11am PT. Iron Horse Sr. Director of Digital Marketing, Daniel Rocheleau, will join Adam Pasch, Director of Alliances and Partnerships at Postal.io, and Will Allred, Co-Founder & COO of Lavender, for a conversation about the art of breaking up with sales prospects. They’ll discuss strategies around break up emails and how to help both the buyer and your company win.

Join the discussion for insights into:

  • What a break-up email actually is and how to frame it

  • The right tone and timing of a breakup message

  • How to be human and give buyers what they want

Watch now.


Adam Pasch • Director of Alliances and Partnerships, Postal.io

Adam is the Director of Alliances at Postal, the leading offline marketing platform. As a partnership leader, Adam has broad experience supporting marketing, sales and customer success teams. Adam leads Postal’s channel sales team. Working with partners, agencies and their clients to integrate and automate offline into their marketing campaigns.

Will Allred • Co-Founder & COO, Lavender

Will is a cofounder at Lavender, an email assistant helping sellers write better emails faster. As one of LinkedIn's Top Voices in Sales in 2021, Will actively shares what it means to write better emails. He's regularly sharing the data that comes from the millions of emails running through Lavender's system. He's also quick to share the perspective gained from over a thousand coaching sessions that he's done with individual sellers.

Daniel Rocheleau • Sr Director of Digital Marketing, Iron Horse

Daniel is a Sr Director of Digital Marketing at Iron Horse with more than 25 years’ experience in the digital marketing field. Daniel works closely with our technology-driven customers to deliver strategy and manage programs to bring the latest and greatest technologies to market. Before coming to Iron Horse, Daniel was at HP for 12 years, where he was the worldwide marketing lead. In that capacity, he launched HP’s gaming brand, HP OMEN, above the noise in a highly competitive market, establishing it as a relevant brand today.