On-Demand Webinar

Your Event Is Over, Now What?



Samir Mehta

VP of Digital Strategy at Iron Horse & atEvent

Alisa Groocock  - SD

Alisa Groocock

VP, Principal Analyst,
Forrester (previously SiriusDecisions)

Amelia - Conversica

Amelia Farber

Director of Global Partnerships,


Malachi Threadgill

Research Director of Account-Based Marketing,
Forrester (previously SiriusDecisions)


Events are the ideal source of person-to-person interactions. But what happens at the event is just the beginning.

Whether you’re planning to get back to in-person as soon as possible, pivoting to hybrid, or sticking with virtual events for the foreseeable future, your post-event strategy is a critical piece of your integrated event campaign.

In this pre-COVID webinar, leaders from Iron Horse, SiriusDecisions, and Conversica discussed what makes and breaks a post-event strategy and shared their key action items for improving the effectiveness of post-event campaigns.

Watch the replay to learn best practices for:

  • Post-event segmentation and routing
  • Using intent data from events to inform personalized follow-up 
  • Creating integrated event campaigns
  • Analyzing event performance over the long term

Watch the replay.