On-demand Webinar

The RevOps Movement:
Why Centralizing Marketing, Sales
and Customer Operations is Critical
in Today's Environment


Jay Headshot

Jay Famico

Chief Research Officer,
Iron Horse


Sam Melnick

VP, Market Insights & Growth,

As budgets tighten and resources become more constrained, businesses are pivoting to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Not only are leaders evaluating their go-to-market strategy, they’re assessing the processes and technology that support growth. 

For enterprise leaders across sales, marketing, customer success and finance, it’s time to discuss Revenue Operations -the operational alignment of the core departments accountable for driving revenue. 

In this session, Jay Famico, Chief Research Officer of Iron Horse, and Sam Melnick, VP and Market Insights of Allocadia will discuss what Revenue Operations (RevOps) is, the value it creates for enterprise organizations and how to build a centralized revenue operations function in your organization.

In this webcast, you’ll learn:

  • What RevOps is, and the industry trends driving it forward
  • Insights on where revenue operations create value - and where it doesn’t.
  • The organizational models that support RevOps
  • How to make the case for transitioning to RevOps in today's environment of tighter budgets and constrained resources
  • A step-by-step plan to transitioning to a RevOps structure and what missteps to avoid

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