From Experience Design to Backup Plans: Everything You Need to Know about Running a Virtual Conference



Samir Mehta

VP Marketing,
Iron Horse


Ellen Smoley

Growth Marketing Manager,
Iron Horse

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Tammy Ball

Director, Marketing Events,
Teladoc Health

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Stephanie Siemens

Sr. Events Specialist,
Teladoc Health

The shift from physical to virtual events has been a shaky journey for many companies. Making that pivot, especially for a conference-level event, can be a challenge. Luckily, marketers are a sharing bunch, and we thrive in the world of trial and error and are unafraid to share what works and what doesn’t.

Recently, we had the opportunity to partner with InTouch Health, now Teladoc Health, to design and execute a virtual conference for their largest event of the year, where we exceed 3x the registration goal. The event was a brag-worthy success, and we can’t wait to tell you how we did it so your next event can be the same.

Join us for a deep dive “behind-the-screens” to learn how we made it happen, what was successful, and what missteps to avoid. Building a virtual event soon? Don't reinvent the wheel, come ask us questions and learn from our experience.

In this webcast, we’ll tell you how we: 

  • Pivoted from in-person to virtual
  • Created a 90 speaker, 70 session event in 51 days
  • Selected the technology to make it all happen 
  • Hosted and monitored a 2-day virtual event
  • Offered a true virtual experience, including a product microsite, networking lounge, and virtual photo booth
  • Incorporated sponsors and sponsor booths into the event


Watch the replay.