How to Scale without Expanding Your Footprint

Scaling your company can be a scary prospect, but you don’t have to settle for being stagnant. Learn how to build, organize and scale your people and processes to do more – and achieve more – from Ellen Smoley and Josh Baez in this session from On24’s Momentum Summit ‘23.
Originally aired on February 28th, 2023.

Key takeaways.


Leverage more of your marketing stack.
You don’t have to use 100% of the features in every product in your stack, but take full advantage of the features you do use. SaaS companies are constantly adding to their offerings, so you’re likely paying for something that didn’t exist when you first signed up.


Reuse and recycle the processes and content assets that already work.
Mine your analytics to find the resources that best speak to your audience and use those lessons to expand. Iterate on your highest performing content and keep looking for even better results.


Lean in to the relationships you already have.
Partnerships don’t need a purchase order, just time, relationships, trust, and accountability. Reach out to current partners to work on new ways to collaborate that benefit you both.

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It’s about taking stock of the technology that you have at your fingertips. Whether you’re using that 5% of the time, 42% of the time, or 100% of the time, it’s so important to know the tech you have and have training for your team to use it.

Ellen Smoley • Sr. Marketing Manager at Iron Horse


Ellen Smoley • Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Iron Horse

Ellen is a Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at Iron Horse specializing in demand generation, integrated marketing campaigns, and virtual events. Before Iron Horse, Ellen accumulated experience in various roles, including account management at a worldwide advertising company, marketing operations at a large SaaS company, and growth marketing for a tech start-up.

Josh Baez • Sr. Manager, Corporate Marketing, ON24

Josh Baez is a customer-driven B2B professional who has worked across marketing, sales, and customer success. He is a creative, passionate, goal-driven marketer who thinks strategically and holistically to overcome challenges–big and small–with expediency and efficiency. He works to not only drive engagement, but also to craft meaningful experiences that create long-term, loyal customers for the business.