Cast a Smart Net, Not a Wide Net: Tips for Successfully Understanding Personas and Buying Groups.

If you’re only crafting and marketing to personas, without considering the different members of your buying groups, you might be missing out on opportunities to reach your target accounts. 
Originally aired on March 30th, 2023.

Key takeaways.


Buyer personas, buying groups, and ICPs are very different things. 
Knowing your working definitions - both internal and external - is critical to keeping everyone on the same page. 


Your ICP is always shifting. 
As you get new data, be proactive in moving your targets. Focus in on the audience that can mean the most for your business.


Buying groups are bigger than ever.
One person that fits your persona can't close your deal. Modern buying groups are between 6-8 people, and you need to get them all on board.


Personas, buying groups, and ICPs, those three things have to work together. It's really hard to get it right the first time, but if you have the right systems and processes in place, you'll have the ability to make adjustments. 

Monica Behncke • Chief Growth Officer, Iron Horse


Monica Behncke • Chief Growth Officer, Iron Horse

As Chief Growth Officer, Monica is responsible for Iron Horse clients’ growth and alignment strategies. Most recently, Monica was the Vice President and Global Group Director of B2B Services at Forrester where she led over 100 advisors and analysts serving B2B sales, marketing, and product executives. Prior to Forrester, Monica led the Marketing Executive practice for SiriusDecisions, where she developed and applied best practice methodologies serving executives across a variety of industries. Before her advisory service roles, Monica held executive positions in AMD, Cisco, and IBM. 

Dara Such • VP of Customer Enablement & Data Strategy, TechTarget

Dara is an executive dedicated to helping customers transform and optimize account-based marketing & sales motions. This includes optimization of data workflows, ABM/GTM strategy (best practices, planning, execution, optimization & refinement), alignment of tech vendor and buyer interactions, and strategic content marketing, all with an eye on technology market trends.