Transitioning from CMO to CRO: Insights from the Front Lines.


Many growth-focused companies are organizing their marketing and sales functions under one revenue umbrella headed by a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)—and many CMOs are being tapped for the role. Iron Horse’s Chief Growth Officer, Monica Behncke, interviews recent CMO-to-CRO convert, Latané Conant, about what the change has meant for 6Sense and her.

Originally aired on April 25th, 2024.

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Key takeaways.


CROs wear many hats.

They ensure sales and marketing alignment, identify opportunities for long-term sales growth, optimize the customer experience, and much more. 


CROs optimize marketing and sales collaboration.

So that both teams understand the sales pipeline and strategy, participate in revenue planning, and contribute to revenue-generating activities.


CROs adapt to change.

They understand company culture, team dynamics, and workflows to gain trust and support from existing teams and avoid resistance.