Maximizing Revenue: Unifying Marketing and Sales for Success.

Mastering account-based marketing (ABM) principles isn’t easy—but it’s worth it. Iron Horse VP of Growth Strategy, Barbie Mattie, and Forrester’s Terry Flaherty discuss proven methods (and data) that reveal how high-growth companies closely align their marketing and sales functions, and effectively target buying group opportunities to drive revenue. 

May 30th @ 11:00 am PT


In today’s digital B2B sphere, mastering the principles of account-based marketing (ABM), such as targeting buying group opportunities, is crucial for revenue growth. 

But for ABM to be effective, marketing and sales teams must work together, seamlessly. Easy to say, hard to do. Find out how high-growth companies have cracked the code.

Join Iron Horse VP of Growth Strategy, Barbie Mattie, and Forrester’s Terry Flaherty on May 30 to discover:

  • Insights into the necessity for rapid implementation of ABM
  • Proven methods (and data) for seamless marketing and sales synergy
  • Advanced lead qualification tactics for heightened sales success
  • Strategies for fostering enduring marketing and sales alignment


Terry Flaherty
Terry Flaherty • Senior Research Director, Forrester Research

Terry Flaherty is the Senior Research Director at Forrester Research (SiriusDecisions Product Line) with a passion for helping clients outperform their revenue goals through effective demand generation.

He focuses extensively on helping their clients gain visibility into the performance of their lead management and demand creation processes by deploying and optimizing their Demand Waterfall.

Barbie Mattie
Barbie Mattie • Vice President of Growth Strategy, Iron Horse

Barbie Mattie is the Vice President of Growth Strategy for Iron Horse and is responsible for our clients’ predictable, repeatable and scalable growth planning and go-to-market strategies. Most recently, Barbie was Vice President, Principal Analyst for the B2B Marketing Executive Service at Forrester where she used data and insights to advise B2B CMOs on how their marketing organization can best achieve intended business outcomes.

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