The Go-to-Market Showdown.

Learn how to identify gaps, fine-tune your GTM formula, and drive exponential growth for your business in this replay of Drift’s recent event The GTM Lab: Chain Reaction. It’s too late to vote, but cheer on our CEO Uzair Dada as he works his way through the competition.
Originally aired on April 7th, 2023.

Key takeaways.


A good go-to-market strategy includes being obsessed with your customers and your ICP. 
Focusing on anything else results in wasted resources.


Focus on “problem-solution-benefit” rather than price. 
When you show prospects how you’ll help them succeed, price becomes less of a problem for them.


Sales and Marketing alignment is imperative.
If your teams aren’t pulling in the same direction, the results you want to see are essentially impossible.

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In volatile market conditions, you don’t need to just be flexible, you need to be efficient. Sales and marketing need to be completely aligned. 

Uzair Dada • Founder & CEO, Iron Horse