Making ABM Stick: How to Create Marketing and Sales Alignment that Lasts

Team alignment is a continued practice, not an item on a checklist. For better ABM success, companies need to create sustained sales and marketing alignment, which requires change management. | Originally aired on 5/24 at a Sales Hacker Masterclass


Key takeaways.


Effective ABM Requires a Holistic Approach.

Alignment does not mean that sales and marketing agree to the same goals and then work separately. They must truly partner and become co-creators and co-engagers.



Buy-In Means Understanding What’s In It For Them.

B2B businesses enable sustained alignment by giving their sales and marketing teams a concrete understanding of what ABM is, how it works and how it helps them win.


Change Management Drives Adoption and Business Value Realization.

To maximize ROI, B2B organizations must commit to ABM fully–from the C-suite to SDRs.


ABM as a label…I like the AB part of it, [but] I hate the M because it’s not account based marketing, it’s account led growth.

Uzair Dada • Founder & CEO, Iron Horse


Uzair Dada • Founder & CEO, Iron Horse

Uzair is Founder and CEO of Iron Horse. Over the last 25 years, Uzair has built Iron Horse from a startup to an award-winning growth marketing agency helping global brands build scalable integrated marketing programs. His areas of expertise include building and executing B2B and Developer Marketing programs focused on emerging technology areas like AI, Big Data, IoT, game development and developer tools.

Tonille Miller (1)
Tonille Miller • Transformation Practice Leader, Outreach

Tonille has spent over 15 years as an executive, consultant and I/O psychologist, advising and partnering with leaders to operationalize their business strategy and drive the optimal performance of their organizations and people through digital transformation, change management, behavioral science, hybrid work, culture, talent strategy, employee experience, leadership development, organizational effectiveness and strategic communications.