State of Enterprise B2B Technology Marketing.

2022 Benchmark Results.

B2B tech enterprises are adapting to the changing buyer journey. How does your organization stack up?



ABM is marketing. Personalization is crucial. Intent data is everywhere. And high-quality content is lacking. 

Iron Horse’s State of Enterprise B2B Technology Marketing 2022 Benchmark Results focuses on US-based, B2B technology companies with a minimum of $100M in revenue to provide a window into how high-tech enterprise marketers are driving growth for their organizations.

Download the report now to:

  • See where you stand compared to other enterprise B2B tech marketing leaders in key areas, including:
    • Key initiatives and challenges
    • Account based marketing (ABM)
    • Measurement & reporting
  • Understand the factors behind persistent challenges faced by growth-focused organizations
  • Learn what actions to take now to identify and address weak points in your current approach.

ABM is core to growth, but common shortcuts are slowing results.

With 73% of respondents indicating that launching or optimizing ABM is a key initiative this year, strong partnership between marketing and sales is more important than ever. In practice, a significant number of organizations lack tight alignment in at least one key area—most notably in goals and objectives of the ABM program.


Approaches have changed, but measurement has not.

B2B organizations are prioritizing metrics that are inadequate for measuring ROI in today’s marketing mix. Case in point: 76% of respondents who state that ABM is an important part of their organization’s growth objectives review MQLs daily or weekly, while only 49% review MQAs that frequently.




Personalization ≠ humanization.

84% of B2B tech marketers believe personalizing marketing tactics to individuals rather than to a persona significantly improves effectiveness. But truly successful personalization remains elusive. Marketing leaders we surveyed identified a lack of high-quality content and the right technology as barriers to creating the connected and human experiences buyers seek.

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