Succeeding in a Self-Serve World: How to Get Your Prospects to Sell Themselves.


Prospects have increasingly been moving toward “self-serve” processes. They want to do their own research, and many buyers have made up their minds before they ever talk to a salesperson. In this discussion, Iron Horse and TrustRadius explored how to make sure you’re reaching potential customers in the way they want— and helping them sell themselves in the process. 

Originally aired on June 8, 2023.


Key takeaways.


The days of holding back information from your prospects are over. 
Gating information like pricing isn’t encouraging them to set up a call, it’s encouraging them to look elsewhere. 


Risk-aversion is driving decision making.
Providing prospects with more information makes you feel like the safe choice, rather than an unknown gamble. 


ROI isn’t just increased sales.
Expand your definition to include more than just revenue impact—time saved may also resonate.




If you’re enabling self-service, these buyers are already putting you on their short list. Your sales team can be more consultative and they don’t have to do cold-calling.

Allyson Havener • Vice President of Marketing, TrustRadius


allyson headshot
Allyson Havener • Vice President of Marketing, TrustRadius

Allyson Havener is currently the VP of marketing at TrustRadius, the most trusted decisioning platform for B2B technology buyers. Allyson joined TrustRadius in July 2021. She is also a founding member of CMO Huddles, a network of B2B CMOs. With more than 10 years of experience in high-growth SaaS, Allyson has led brand, content, and integrated marketing, most notably at LiveRamp.

Monica Behncke • Chief Growth Officer, Iron Horse

As Chief Growth Officer, Monica is responsible for Iron Horse clients’ growth and alignment strategies. Most recently, Monica was the Vice President and Global Group Director of B2B Services at Forrester where she led over 100 advisors and analysts serving B2B sales, marketing, and product executives. Prior to Forrester, Monica led the Marketing Executive practice for SiriusDecisions, where she developed and applied best practice methodologies serving executives across a variety of industries. Before her advisory service roles, Monica held executive positions in AMD, Cisco, and IBM.