When Algorithms Rule: AI in Digital Marketing Wonderland


Are you worried you’re getting left behind in the rapidly-changing AI space? (Maybe!) Are your competitors firing their teams and just running their companies based on robots and hope? (Unlikely!)

We invited two experts to offer their take on the future of AI tech. Don’t let the AI revolution leave you behind. Watch the replay now.

Originally aired on April 27th, 2023.

Key takeaways.


ChatGPT may be leading the way, but it’s the tip of the iceberg. 
There are hundreds of tools out there and if you’ve been having trouble getting AI to do what you want it to, there’s a chance you need to embrace a different platform before you give up.


The privacy issues around using AI at work are… complicated.
While there are some platforms specifically designed to help alleviate privacy concerns, if you’re planning on using AI for anything you want your company to really “own”, it’s a good idea to bring your lawyers into the conversation.


AI’s greatest feature might be letting your team do less of the work they don’t love.
From first drafts of copy to sending emails, there’s a lot of potential for AI to make work easier by taking care of the laborious tasks that bring down morale.



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It’s not as much about learning what we can do better— it’s about "possible" and "not possible"

Uzair Dada • Founder & CEO, Iron Horse


Uzair Dada • Founder & CEO, Iron Horse

Uzair built Iron Horse from a startup to an award-winning growth marketing agency helping global brands build scalable integrated marketing programs. Uzair is regularly featured in Wired.com, CNET, Demand Gen Report, DM News, eMarketer, MediaPost, Native Mobile and Retail Integration, and has spoken at TechWeek, Marketo Summit and other key industry events.

Umair Akeel • CTO & Co-Founder, All Good HQ

Umair is an accomplished engineer with a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge products to market. As the Distinguished Engineer at Twilio Inc, he spearheaded the development of the Twilio AI for Voice product, where he worked on early customer discovery, iterating the product with pilot customers, and helping close the early sales.

Previously, Umair served as the Chief Technology Officer in residence (CTO-IR) and operating partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, where he focused on investments in AI. Prior to this, Umair held various senior leadership roles, including Eloqua's Chief Architect during its IPO. Following the acquisition by Oracle, he served as the VP of Engineering for the Oracle Marketing Cloud, where he led the acquisitions of Compendium and BlueKai. Additionally, Umair worked as a senior software architect at IBM.